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Created by Pip McKay, Matrix Therapies® is a profound set of personal development tools used to transform even the most stubborn problems. It is a specific style of questioning and guiding of the unconscious mind to provide a deep sense of resolution and profound understanding of yourself and others.

As a form of timeline therapy, it can be used to clear the negative influences of people and past events, negative thought patterns and help in letting go of negative beliefs and emotions that lay in the unconscious mind blocking and sabotaging your efforts to achieve the success you deserve.

A person can be guided in letting go of and resolving any unnecessary anger, sadness, fear, guilt, stress, anxiety, shame, grief and other emotions that may be having a negative effect on their lives and holding them back from their inner greatness. This in turn can lead to greater success, greater sense of self worth and self love, more awareness around relationships with the people in your life and better clarity to increase their quality.

Matrix Therapies® gets to the underlying cause of problems that have sometimes been developed extremely early in life and is a middle ground between Coaching, which focuses primarily on future based goal setting and behaviour and Counselling and Psychotherapy which can take a long time and often has no specific focus. Matrix Therapies® creates deep lasting change in letting go of that which is holding you back from the life you desire.

James Cole is a fully certified Master Practitioner of Advanced Matrix Therapies® and combines it with NLP and Empowered Conscious Hypnosis to form a powerful set of tools that he uses to Empower people to discover and wake up their inner strength, courage, passion and purpose while embracing their own power to create the future they dream of.