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Caitlin Gregory

Organic Food Shop Owner

I got so much out of just one consultation. James helped me to understand the real motivation for wanting to give up drinking so much caffeinated tea, may have arisen from some habits at work such as not taking a proper break (despite my workplace being 3 minutes away from the beach) and possibly needing some more time to myself.

His integrity and honest approach allowed me to consider some of his carefully worded questions and realise it was more of a lifestyle change, or change of habits such as working very long hours even though I had the flexibility to change this as the owner of my own business. Suggestions such as take 15 mins to go to the beach instead of another tea break made a surprising impact on my self awareness, helping me to slowly change these patterns for the better.

I would recommend James to anyone with a busy lifestyle or who are stuck-in-a-rut with unhealthy routines.


Andrea Martell

Corporate Training

I just got Punched with James’ EmpowerPunch.

The EmpowerPunch is powerful coaching and hypnosis session. James was really able to be present and hold space while I wrestled with my emotions surrounding rejection and not being enough. Empower Punch is brilliant, tapping into myself without the area’s where I had given away my power and self-belief.

James’ program took me on a journey stripping away layers of thinking that wasn’t serving me or who I really am.

I came away from the session feeling powerful, unstoppable and magnificent. I am very grateful to have had the chance to work with James, he is a fantastic coach. I highly recommend EmpowerPunch, it’s a process everyone will really benefit from.


Dean Franklin

Defence Force

I was suffering from a severe lack of self-confidence, I was quick to anger and suffered varying degrees of sadness. these problems have limited me in being able to sell myself and therefore my business, as well as affected the relationship that I have with my family. Then I met the amazing James Cole.

The work he did with me has reduced my outbursts of anger, the length of sadness that I have been enveloped in as well as helped boost my self-confidence and my ability to sell myself.

Now I am happier everyday, have not had an anger outburst in over two weeks and am beaming self-confidence.


Nathan Itter

Actor / Director

I recently had an appointment and felt a warmth and excitement when I left. It is an uplifting session and breaks through issues from the past.

It helps you take control of those hidden issues that may have bothered you and also to take control of any fears you may have.

Thank you James.


Michelle Fisher

School Teacher

Prior to meeting James and hearing about NLP, I had emotional blockers preventing me from succeeding in my current career, even after years of tertiary study and professional development wasn't unblocking these powerful emotional issues.

Since James has provided me with some techniques to release these blockers, and to allow me to live my life to the fullest, I have been happier and healthier. My stress levels have decreased, I am sleeping better and overall improvements in relationships with my friends and family have improved also.

I would highly recommend that anyone give NLP a go and talk to James about how he can help you live a better life.


Peter Flaherty

Actor / Comedian

Great, empowering session. I left feeling inspired...a feeling that has continued ....actually building stronger as time goes by.

The strategies for coping with chronic pain were particularly useful.


PeiShih Fong

Behavioural Strategist

If you want to be empowered and accessing your true inner resources on a powerful subconscious level, I would recommend this for you! The whole process to me is amazing. James is professional, focused and full of creativity in his services.

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