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The EmpowerQuit
Quit Smoking with Hypnosis Program

The EmpowerQuit Program will see you quit smoking for good. This is a powerful program that incorporates the advanced techniques of Conscious Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and Matrix Timeline Therapies.

Every person has a different reason for smoking, stress, peer pressure, boredom, etc. The EmpowerQuit Program takes this into account and is tailored to each clients needs.

Smoking addiction is made up of two components and most techniques for quitting only address one.

First there is the nicotine addiction.

This is the actual addiction part. Advertising and the media would have you believe that this is the be all and end all of cigarette addiction and the hardest part to give up. In reality this is not the case. Nicotine addiction is fairly easy to break. All it takes is three days without a smoke and the addiction is gone.

Most people alone have the will power to push through three days of going cold turkey. By doing this the chemical addiction is broken. I'm sure that most people who have tried to quit have broken free of the addiction and possibly didn't even realise. It's the second part that rarely gets addressed and is the key to long term quitting.

Secondly there is the habit.

This is why you keep smoking even after the physical addiction is broken. Habits usually have a deep emotional link that can be extremely hard to identify on your own. Delving into the emotional connection to your smoking habit and identifying the triggers is the key to the power of this program.

Once your smoking triggers have been found, we can break the connection and release the emotions that keep you chained to the cigarette. Once the connection is seperate your desire to smoke will vanish.

What is involved in this program?

  • The very first step is a short phone conversation to determine if this program is right for you and if so, book a time for your first appointment.
  • When you arrive, we first spend some time examining your connection to smoking and work out the best plan for your unique requirements.
  • The following appointments will consist of a number of hypnosis sessions to work through your emotional connections to smoking and release them, allowing you to stay free of cigarettes.

The EmpowerQuit Program will empower to take control of you smoking addiction and say goodbye for the last time.

Take back control and Quit Smoking now!

Fill in your details or call me direct and let's have a conversation about saying goodbye to cigarettes forever...

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