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Experience the freedom

of PAIN FREE living.


Do you suffer from chronic pain or even recurring acute pain that interferes with your life and general sense of wellbeing?

My PAIN MANAGEMENT with HYPNOSIS program will help ease the discomfort. Using the advanced techniques of Conscious Hypnosis, together we will significantly reduce pain or remove pain from your life entirely. Then I will teach you the techniques and strategies to keep the pain away for good.

What is pain?

“An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage.” as defined by The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP).


Chronic Pain is pain that sticks around long after healing is expected to have taken place and can sometimes exist without any obvious reason.


Acute Pain is essentially a warning sign to the brain, that trauma of some kind has taken place in the body and disappears as the area traumatised is healed.

How does hypnosis get rid of pain?

Technically, hypnosis cannot get rid of pain. It simply changes the relationship your mind is having with the pain signals that are sent to it. Psychological attitudes and beliefs play a big part in how pain is experienced and it is different for everyone. By changing your mental relationship with pain, you change your experience of it. Sometimes this can mean reducing the severity of the pain experienced, sometimes it can mean getting rid of it completely.


It is important to note that pain is actually a very important part of how our bodies work and in some cases it would be detrimental to ones health to remove it. For this reason, when dealing with pain management, it is important that your doctor is part of the process and understands what is going on. A written referral will be required before I will undertake any procedures. I have a referral form that I can send out upon request.

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