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Getting rid of fears & phobias with hypnosis at Rebellious Coaching

Do you have a fear or phobia that prevents you from enjoying the quality of life that others do?

Fear as described by Wikipedia “is a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat”. Although fear is a natural and healthy part of life, it can become problematic when the fears are persistent or irrational. This is when we call them phobia’s and they can have an enormously negative impact on a person’s life.

Letting go of fear can Empower your every day life.

As a Master practitioner of Nero-Linguistic Programming, Conscious Hypnosis and Advanced Matrix Therapies, I will help you overcome your fears and phobias for ever.

Unlike other approaches, this program does not involve neurological medications, or introducing and desensitising you to that which you fear over months of drawn out sessions. With some powerful and advanced hypnotic techniques, most phobias are destroyed in a single session.

All of us are different and how we perceive fear is unique to each person. This is why I custom tailor my program to suit the needs of each individual client for the ultimate results.

Get rid of fears & phobias for good

Use the Online Phobia Bust Program

Say goodbye to your fears in the next thirty minutes with this powerful online program. Designed to work on most phobias, fears and anxieties in the least amount of time. This safe and risk free program will see you letting go of your fears for good.

Book a Personal Phobia Bust session

Call me direct or use the form below to make your appointment today for a personal phobia bust session and say goodbye to your fears for ever. Sessions can either take place face to face in my Frankston office or can be conducted over Skype or the phone.

Common Fears include:

Fear of abandonment
Fear of animals
Fear of balloons
Fear of bananas
Fear of being alone
Fear of birds
Fear of blood
Fear of butterflies
Fear of buttons
Fear of cats
Fear of chickens
Fear of clowns
Fear of crowds
Fear of darkness
Fear of death
Fear of deep water
Fear of dentist

Fear of dogs
Fear of driving
Fear of ducks
Fear of failure
Fear of falling
Fear of feet
Fear of fire
Fear of flying
Fear of germs
Fear of god
Fear of heights
Fear of holes
Fear of hospitals
Fear of illness
Fear of insects
Fear of leaving house
Fear of long words

Fear of mice
Fear of mirrors
Fear of moths
Fear of needles
Fear of noise
Fear of open spaces
Fear of people
Fear of planes
Fear of public speaking
Fear of rain
Fear of rats
Fear of rejection
Fear of sharks
Fear of small spaces
Fear of snakes
Fear of spiders
Fear of water

  • How does hypnosis get rid of fears & phobias?

    Fears and Phobias all come down to the way we perceive certain things. As our brains learn and experience new things, those experiences get filed away in different areas of the brain for recall at a later date. These are made by physical connections between the different neurons that make up your brain. The stronger the connection, the more prominent it is in your mind.

    There are a number of ways to make a connection stronger, one of the best is through repetition which reinforces the connections making them stronger over time. Another is through an extreme emotional event which can result in a very strong connection instantly. This is how we can become afraid of something after experiencing it only once and a single event can be the root of extreme fear or phobia.

    Hypnosis works by changing the way your brain associates with these experiences. Essentially, refiling them in your mind by breaking down the connections between the event and the response of fear. This can see you overcoming your fears and phobias completely and very quickly. Often in as little as one session.

Take control of your fear NOW!

Fill in your details or call me direct and let's have a conversation about saying goodbye to your fears forever...

Most fears and phobias can be conquered in a single 45 to 90 minute session.

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