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At Rebellious Coaching we offer a number of coaching and hynotherapy services and programs. Although each is presented as a pre-designed program, we understand that each client is unique with a unique set of circumstances. For this reason, each program is customised for the best results possible for each client. Call now for a friendly no-obligation chat about your requirements.


Life Coaching Services

My Life Coaching services specialise in Personal Empowerment. This can include helping with:

  • Letting go of any negative and limiting beliefs, influences and emotions that no longer serve you.
  • Explore your values, dreams, aspirations and goals to gain greater understanding of yourself.
  • Changing and getting rid of unwanted habits and behaviours.
  • Resolving conflicts you may be having with other people.
  • Stress management.
  • Taking control and ownership of your life.
  • Weight loss.
  • Uncovering your purpose in life.

Take control of your fears NOW!

Fill in your details or call me direct and let's have a conversation about saying goodbye to your fears forever...

James Cole
0412 718 661

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    I work closely with three other excellent coaches that specialise in different areas.

    Relationship Coach

    Sarah is an amazing coach who specialises in helping clients with relationship issues. Whether it's dealing with topics of intimacy, sexuality, separation and relationship breakdown or dealing with the loss of a spouse, Sarah will guid you through her therapeutic and transformational programs to get you where you need to be for ultimate happiness.

    Business Coach

    PeiShih is a results driven Mindset Strategist and Business Coach. She specialises in helping her clients to realign and live their authentic life purposes, especially in monetising their life missions successfully. She is an effective Change Catalyst for those who wish to integrate their life purposes with a successful business. She believes that we can all turn our passions into profits.

    Performance Trainer

    Andrea is a performance trainer & coach who works and with individuals & teams creating happier, healthier & more effective lives. If you need a reset on your job or career, are struggling with work / life balance or need a push to perform better. Andrea is an efficiency master and experienced at clearing blocks you may have to living the dream life you want.