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"Personal Development is exactly that... Personal
Who am I to attach a value to what YOU get out of it"

Simple Breakdown

  • I perform my service with you.
  • I provide a summary of what goes into that service including overheads and an average price range for similar services.
  • You decide on the value that service is worth to you and pay that amount.
  • That's it.


My mission is simple - To make the world a better place. I believe the current capitalist system that we live in has a lot to answer for. It is completely out of balance with the laws of nature and unfair in its application. It is focused on profit; perceived and manufactured value, rather than actual value. In order to make a profit, by simple mathematics, more must be taken than what is given.

I first became aware of the unfair nature of capitalism more than 10 years ago when I was purchasing a digital download of some computer software. After speaking to a friend in the U.S. I discovered that Australians were paying $900 more for exactly the same product. It made no sense to me. After calling the company to ask why, the only response they could come up with was "the extra shipping costs"... Ummmm digital download??

Essentially, the company charged $900 more, simply because they could. They new the market and understood that Australians would pay more. The company attached the value to the product and regardless of whether you were using the product for 10 hours a day, or a couple of hours a month, the price was the same.

It wasn't long before I learned that many products had very different prices in different areas. Even on a local level, a supermarket in a wealthy area charges more for the same product than in a poorer community.

"Value is not something that can be dictated. It is different for each of us."

This is why I looked high and low for a better way. One that was more aligned with who I am, what I stand for and my beliefs.  

To my surprise I found many different models, some of which have been around for a long time such as the Gift Economy and Bartercard.

Whereas some of these use their own form of currency, I still believe that money is best for its convenience and universal nature.

With this in mind, I drew elements from what I liked and let go of what I didn't and then simplified everything.

A Relationship built on Trust

In personal development, trust is everything. There are no contracts or agreements, no invoices, late fees or debt collectors, and no expectations. It is simply a relationship of mutual trust.

As a coach and hypnotherapist, one of the core elements that I ask from all my clients, is that they trust me implicitly to deliver what I promise. In fact, trust is one of the key elements to making hypnosis work.

Trust, however, is a two way road. I cannot ask you to trust me, without first showing my trust in you.

There are so many coaches and hypnotherapists out there that rely on pre-written scripts and deliver half-arsed results while demanding high prices for their time. To me, this is betrayal of the clients trust as almost anyone could do that.

By allowing you the client to determine the value that you receive, it builds a trust that I will always provide the best possible service that I can to give you the highest possible value every time.

Nice idea but can it really work?

Yes. And it does. And the best part is that both I and my clients have felt totally happy and satisfied with the results.

Want to know more?

I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this as I understand it is very different to what most of us are used to. Simply fill out the form below or give me a call. What I won't do however, is tell you how much you should be paying for a service. That is and will always be, up to you, the beautiful client 🙂

Of course, we wouldn’t be Rebellious Coaching if we went along with what was normal 😉

If you are interested, this is the article I read a few years back that planted the seed in my head. It certainly is a great story.

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